Zen House: Old Materials, New Life 

We work with Toda Komuten of Shinshiro, Japan to create beautiful structures, landscapes and furnishings in the United States using reclaimed materials from

traditional Japanese folk houses.


The word kominka literally means 'old house' and generally refers to houses which were built at least 50 years ago using traditional Japanese architectural methods. Kominka are often found in small, countryside  villages in mountainous areas. 


A kominka is first carefully appraised to determine the viability of the materials. Before taking the house apart, beams and posts are documented. The  house is then carefully dismantled and materials are lovingly restored.


Kominka were made with beautiful materials, and our mission is to give these exquisite wood, tile, stone, and paper objects a second life in new and existing  structures and landscapes, and as unique, one of a kind furnishings.

We support the aims of the Japanese Folk House Reconstruction Association, which collaborates with local and national government to promote the preservation and reconstruction of kominka for the sake of future generations. 

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